Sun Aug 31

Oban Ball

As usual the team were busy transferring guests from Mull to Oban for the Ball on Thursday night. It was an all night session with the tired passengers departing Oban at 0600 for Mull. The Conditions at Grasspoint was ideal with the shelter from the SW wind.

Bow Riding

The last couple of weeks have been amazing for common dolphins and bottlenose. A very wee calf was spotted in the Sound of Mull. The oil calm sea allowed for a few clear photos of the commons. They are always a crowd pleaser and great to see them interact with the boats.

Where Eagles Dare

This season has proved very good for Sea Eagle sightings. On the regular 2hr Castles and Wildlife trip there has been a successful spotting ratio. On a private charter from Oban the other day the guests saw 5 Sea Eagles soaring above the boat! The West Coast is the number one place to see these massive birds.

Basking Sharks

Cameron has been busy in August with Basking Shark Scotland. There has been a variety of trips ranging from day trips to a shark festival based on Coll. There has been some incredible sights of wildlife andĀ amazing locations too. August was definitely a challenge with the weather but worked out well in the end.

R A Clements Day out

A couple of weeks back the annual staff day out for R A Clements took place. This year the weather was very calm and the sun popped out at times. The plan of action was to land at Balfours Bay on Erriad and have a BBQ and games. After a quick run to Iona for some supplies they started up the BBQ. On the way back they had Bottlenose Dolphins play with the wake and bow ride.
A great day on the water.

Kerrera Swim

Struan and new crew member Jack helped with the Atlantis Leisure Kerrera Swim. This year had good numbers and some hardy swimmers with no wet suits. They swam from the slipway near the Marina to the Sailing Club. Passenger vessel Purple Heater also helped with the swim. Everyone made it across the Sound.
The team had to pop off early to assist an incident in the middle of the bay.

West Coast Wedding

On the weekend the team transferred a wedding party from Craobh to Oban. The weather was a bit patchy but as got near Kerrera a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins appeared. A fantastic way to finish off the trip.

Sea Glider

On probably the calmest day in August Struan and a team from SAMS headed west of Tiree. The Sea Glider had completed its cycle and needed picked up. There wasn’t even a swell and the glider was spotted half a mile away. It was a very efficient operation as they left at 0700 and where back fro 1600.