Thu Sep 18

Settled Weather

The settled spell has seen some perfect days on the water. Struan had a busy day in Tobermory running guests up and down from Oban. On the way they spotted sea eagles and numerous seals sun bathing.

Super Yacht Itasca

Another super yacht visits the West coast. There has been a number of these amazing vessels visiting the coast line. The local gossip reckon it is Tom Hanks but that is only local chat.

Super Yacht Itasca

Super Yacht Itasca

Mon Sep 15

Mirror Flat

The calm spell in September has allowed for some more amazing sunsets. Cameron has been doing the usual Tobermory trips and a late transfer to Mull. The weather makes life a lot easier.

Late Summer

As the summer is slowly slipping away there is still a lot to see on the West Coast. The very settled spell has allowed for some great encounters with porpoise and sea eagles. The clam seas have helped with spotting’s and the gannets are still in high numbers around the Firth of Lorne.

Sun Sep 7

Tiree Fibre-optic

Struan was tasked with Schiehallion to help tow the cable from the ship to the shore. Weather conditions weren’t perfect but fine for the job. The team arrived early just over a mile offshore from Tiree. The new fibre-optic cable required to be towed from the 144 metre ship to the coast on a planned route. Schiehallion was ideal vessel for the job with the manoeuvrability and large stern area. Once close to the beach the rope was passed to a excavator and tractor which hauled it onto Tiree. A very interesting job and great to be part of it. 

Sun Aug 31

Oban Ball

As usual the team were busy transferring guests from Mull to Oban for the Ball on Thursday night. It was an all night session with the tired passengers departing Oban at 0600 for Mull. The Conditions at Grasspoint was ideal with the shelter from the SW wind.

Bow Riding

The last couple of weeks have been amazing for common dolphins and bottlenose. A very wee calf was spotted in the Sound of Mull. The oil calm sea allowed for a few clear photos of the commons. They are always a crowd pleaser and great to see them interact with the boats.

Where Eagles Dare

This season has proved very good for Sea Eagle sightings. On the regular 2hr Castles and Wildlife trip there has been a successful spotting ratio. On a private charter from Oban the other day the guests saw 5 Sea Eagles soaring above the boat! The West Coast is the number one place to see these massive birds.